6 January 2016

Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome everyone, in this post I will introduce myself to you guys so you know who I am and what I do. So let's start with my name, my name is Joanna. Today is my birthday, this is why I decided to open this blog today so next year I can celebrate my birthday, but also my blogs birthday!

So today I turned 19 years old, I feel that ever since I turned 18 time has been passing much more quickly than before, I still remember my 18th birthday like it was yesterday. I wanted to warn you guys that there are gonna be spelling and grammar mistakes as English is not my first language,also it has never been my best subject at school so I apology. Now you know that I'm not English so where am I from? I'm from Poland, however I have lived in London for a quite long time now.

I already own a blog which is written in my language, but I though that if I live in London might as well start to write in English. I didn't want to do that on my Polish blog as I though it wouldn't be fair to the people who already follow me there, and they are all polish. I also didn't want to write there in 2 languages as I think it looks messy and to be honest no one wants to read that when they see too much text, at least I can't be bother to find the writing in the language I understand...

Why did I made this blog? Mainly to show off my photography work as I have been doing photography for over 5 years now. I do fashion photoshoots, right now is just a hobby but we will see what the future will bring. I will be also blogging about... EVERYTHING. Once I was reading this blog were it said 'write a blog which you would like to read', so I took this advice and I decided to write anything that I would like to read and find out. I hope that you guys will enjoy reading my blog and that you can stay with me for a long time! This is all from me for now and I see you in the next post!

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